Ship's launch: We set sail on a new journey: a bright, crisp american pale ale, with an ever rotating selection of hops, circumnavigating flavor with regular course corrections, but always with the same malt base and bitterness level. We hope to pick up many passengers along the way. January 16, 2017: Batches 685 in cans and 690 in kegs have left the dock. Made with 100% summit hops. Course set for Zythos. February 03, 2017: Batch 695 in both kegs and cans. We continue our journey toward Zythos. Made with 75% Summit and 25% Zythos. February 27, 2017: Batch 710 in cans. A low headwind, but pointed in the right direction. Made with 75% Summit and 25% Zythos. March 09, 2017: Batch 716 in kegs. Halfway to our goal and making excellent headway through clear waters. Made with 50% Summit and 50% Zythos. March 24, 2017: Batch 722 in cans. Land is in sight, but we're still in open waters. Made with 25% Summit and 75% Zythos. Word from the crew is that another ship is on the horizon.