The Brewery

Our Beer Our beers are based on a seasonally rotating palette. Each season you'll find a different saison, sessionable ale, hoppy beer, and dark beer. The Golden Hind is the only Mystery beer you can find year-round, but even it has subtle changes in hops throughout the year. Get to know our beers and you're sure to find a favorite (or four). Looking for where to buy our beer? Find a handy map right here.

Year-Round: January - December

The Golden Hind, American Pale Ale

Spring:  March through June

Locksley, Ordinary Bitter
Beatrix, Spring Saison Queen Anne's Revenge, Carolinian Dark Ale Jack Thorne, London-Style Porter

Summer:  June through September

Gentlemen's Preference, Blonde Ale
Evangeline, Rye Saison Lockwood's Retreat, IPA Papa Bois, Tropical Stout

Autumn:  September through December

Pickwick, Mild Ale
Rosalind, Autumnal Saison Fantine, Belgian IPA Thornfield's End, Smoked Rye Stout

Winter:  December through March

Ballantrae: Light Scottish Ale
Annabel: Black Saison Hornigold: English IPA Six Impossible Things: Chocolate Breakfast Stout